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Employment and Education During and After the Pandemic

I know a lot of people are hurting on the job front due to the pandemic. LinkedIn has a continuing running article on who is hiring now, and I wanted to add on the most valuable associate degrees. Many people of all ages will have to retool and retrain. This can be done through degrees, certificates, or the trades.

So, you have to decide what might fit you best, but I wanted everyone to have the LinkedIn article along with the valuable associate degrees' list. Keep in mind associate degrees can often be completed in 18 months for a very inexpensive price. Many associate degrees can command 50K-100k per year with quality benefits and set you up for a new career. Keep in mind the current environment where virtual and remote opportunities may dominate with the opportunity to live anywhere in the country while working. The average family of four brings in 50k per year, so these changes could help enhance many people's lives.

I hope you find this information valuable as many people are suffering, and the hope of a new, in-demand career can provide a better life for many.

Dr. Jason Cavich

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