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The Importance of Science During Election Season

Dear Colleagues: The scientific method has revolutionized how we approach problems, significantly impacted every field of work and study (healthcare, financial markets, food products, military, etc), and provided more advancement in increasing living standards in the last 100 years than at anytime in the earth's 5 billion years.

Yet, some individuals, businesses, and governments either deny science, utilize it to spin facts, and/or manipulate others. True science (in all its forms) seeks out truth determined by large bodies of evidence whether the scientist likes it or not. Historically, scientists of all types were martyred for propagating results that were eventually borne out. Science does and can help buttress common notions and mitigate human biases and unfounded thought strongholds.

As election season nears, I want to encourage all of us to be proponents of science which includes challenging findings to ensure their veracity. I encourage everyone to read widely from highly venerated sources that care about truth and facts to improve our world. Integrity matters in leaders and in people regardless of political party or company. The research is unequivocal that people like leaders who are trustworthy, transparent, and who's word can be counted on.

Our elections, voting district boundaries, and social media algorithms are all dependent upon math. Please be mindful of how data, news reports, images, and divisiveness can manipulated and inflamed to separate us. However, the same tools can be used to bring us together. Please choose wisely how you interact with others and your information sources as we are the sum total of our life experience and what we choose to read, watch, and the value we ascribe to those sources.

Please be sure to vote regardless of your political affiliation.

Dr. Cavich

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