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The Attack on Science...Our Greatest Invention

It is often argued the scientific method is the greatest invention in the history of humankind. Why? Well, its process has helped increase our standards of living and lifespan (from 40 to 80 years) to arguably the highest of all time in terms of comfort and convenience based upon the process of mitigating assumptions, nuanced critical thinking, and studying phenomenon without bias and presuppositions to the best of our abilities with respect for the well-grounded findings whether they agree with our personal perspectives or not...this is good science. Our standards of living are often argued to have increased more in the last 100 years than the prior 2.399 million years of humankind combined. These numbers come from the best scientific evidence we know...not philosophies or theologies.

With Covid-19 and its variants ravaging the planet, we have seen countries implement (or not) policies that bolster science and its development, or undermine it based upon anecdotes, outliers, or personal bias. The improvements that have come from the Covid vaccines are not perfect, but they are by far the best solutions put forth, and the only scientific ones. Proponents of other theories or solutions have fallen far short and offer no hope for going forward. In addition, many politicians have politicized the virus and vaccines for numerous reasons that are not in the best interest of their citizens. Take note, deep expertise in disciplines matter, and most politicians don't have it when it comes to this issue.

The virus isn't harmless and the vaccine isn't harmful just because your politician of choice, neighbor, friend, or tribe says they are. The virus is harmful, and the vaccines are helpful because the greatest invention in the history of humankind is again attempting to help us survive as it has done with MMR, polio, tetanus, etc. ( Science is not perfect, but it has proven itself time and again to be the best solution and hope to improve our lives. Please make sure you listen to the voices that are apropos for the time and context as doing so will significantly increase the probability of good health and success in your life. Thanks for reading.

Dr. Cavich

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