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Why Evidence-Based Management for your organization?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Throughout human history, the average person has primarily relied upon one's own experience and has not had the advantage or opportunity to integrate the last 100 years of empirically-driven, management research into one's organization. Organizations still grapple with implementing many facets of modern management due to lack of resources, training, or opportunity. Evidence-Based Management (EBM) is the practice of using the very best of management research to help an organization create a competitive advantage and healthy culture leading to optimal performance. EBM helps statistically increase the probability of an organization succeeding and thriving for much longer tenures than those without EBM.

However, many managers are in need of advanced, evidence-based training in such areas as leadership, strategy, and organizational behavior to help their organizations thrive. My two decades of corporate experience and 15 years of higher educational training have allowed me to see and participate in helping organizations pair their experience with top-tier management research to help them grow and be great places to work. Please reach out to me if you are in need of a guest speaker, workshop, or advising. Topics include strategic management, organizational behavior, and leadership. Thank you for reading.


Dr. Jason Cavich

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